Almost everyone needs a lawyer at some point in their life.  Buying or selling a house, starting a business, entering a contract, doing a will, some legal problem, or bureaucratic process all usually require professional help.  There is also a comfort in knowing someone has taken on your issue and will handle it competently and professionally.  Unfortunately, the high cost of legal services often precludes many from seeking the help they need.  Escott Legal Services was founded on the idea that everyone deserves access to justice and legal help.  That is why I am committed to providing affordable legal services.  I offer flat fee pricing and “unbundled” or a la carte services so my clients' costs are a known quantity and predictable.  For services that require hourly billing, my rate is extremely competitive.  I am also a participant in the Vermont Bar Association's Modest Means Program.  Your initial consultation is free and I can meet you in my Burlington office or a location more convenient to you.  My fee schedule is available upon request.

I invite you to explore this site to learn more about me and my practice areas to see if I can provide the help you need.