As first-time home buyers we were so intimidated to buy a house. When it came to the legal pieces and the mountain of paperwork, we thought for sure there would be issues. But, thanks to Amy the entire process was smooth! Every detail was covered and the closing was a piece of cake. More over, Amy invested the time to explain to us each part of the legal process, making sure we understood, and had our questions answered before proceeding. We felt very well represented and totally confident in the process thanks to Amy.
— Llu Mulvaney-Stanak & Kate Van Wagner
Whether you visit her website or meet her in person, you can feel the deep altruism. You know that you are dealing with a fellow human being, and not simply a job title. Her words touch your heart and inspire you to help others the way she does. She looks at both the big picture and the finest of details. You can tell that she really has your highest interests at heart. You know that you’re in the best of hands.
— Pauline Tyler
Thank you so much for navigating this crazy but important process. Our family is safer because of you. We look forward to the day that same sex couples don’t have to jump through hoops to be a ‘legal’ family!
— Missa, Erica and Mira
After a decade of renting from our landlord, we found ourselves being evicted for no cause with a month’s notice. We were shell shocked and reeling until we found Amy. She immediately came to our assistance, helped us make strategic moves based on our legal rights, and guided us through a process that left us feeling empowered through an awful situation. We got the outcome we wanted and needed, but more importantly, we had the legal expertise to make us confident that we could stand up for our housing rights.
— Anonymous